Express Safe Dispensary

  • 1 Free Ok. Compliance package for a new client that is not currently using us $300
  • 10 FREE Potency Test (Value $500)
  • Logo included on Express Toxicology Services website as an Express Safe Certified Business
  • Sticker to place in your business window
  • Pride in knowing the product you are selling has been tested

Cover your business and clients by becoming Express Safe Certified

Express Toxicology Services offers a full line of testing for CBD and related products. Our state of the art equipment and highly skilled team ensures that test results are accurate, and 100% based on science. We employ a stric laboratory quality control protocol guaranteeing every analysis completes in our research facility offers data you can trust. Most results are available in 5 business days. Day 1 of testing will be the day after samples are received. 


As an Express Safe Certified Business you will be able to ensure the medicine you provide is complaint with OMMA regulations and is safe for your patients to consume. In addition, you will be placed on our list of Express Safe certified partners on our website to provide a resource for patients to easily source safe medicine. You will also receive an Express Safe Certified logo created by our maketing team to be placed on your window or signage for additional advertisement.

Why is testing Important? Could poor testing be putting your business at risk

Although cannabis is very safe, it can be contaminated with things that are not safe. Pesticides are one of the contaminates, bu there are also a variety of pathogenic molds and fungi that can grow on cannabis.These can be dangerous to human beings, especially people who have compromised immune systems.

Even the chemicals that would have prevented those dangerous fungi from growing could harm you. Fungicides and pesticides that may be safe to use on food, may noe be when they are smoked. Upon combustion, myclobutanil forms cyanide – which can make it into your bloodstream and it’s very toxic